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‘The future belongs to those who show up.’ Mark Steyn

The world is still round, but what’s making it turn is changing. The flow of trade, investment and movement of labour across borders and continents is shifting as is the balance between energy prices and the search for cleaner energy. How we market, engage with stakeholders and operate our business is changing rapidly as technology revolutionises the social and economic landscape more frequently than the world spins on its axis.

The challenges are many, the opportunities even greater, but what is clear is that trust, transparency and transformation are the new currency for business success.

What will the future look like for good, responsible business in terms of your People, the Planet and the Places where you operate?

At Business in the Community NI’s second major Responsible Business conference, showcasing successful and responsible business practice here in Northern Ireland, find out how your business can thrive and be a force for good locally and globally in the years to come.

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